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  "I have my own marketing communications business. My experience includes 15 years serving clients mainly in the investment industry, as well as ten years as a marketing and product management executive with two companies that had mutual fund and investment advisory operations.

I worked with Christopher Brière in 2010 to prepare the ‘Guidebook' which details his approach to clients and the markets. As the Guidebook says, he truly believes in serving you as an individual and investor.

Christopher impressed me with his ability to clearly articulate his approach to managing portfolios and dealing with the prevailing market environment.

The heart of his process is making proactive shifts to the make-up of client portfolios, while maintaining broad diversification. This allows him to take advantage of current market trends in a disciplined manner without making large deviations from an investor's target asset mix.

Bruce Dixon, December 14, 2010



  "Many investment advisors claim to follow prudent, conservative investment strategies. Unfortunately, many fail to implement these strategies in a well structured, methodical way that leads to superior investment returns over the longer term. In my 35 years as an investment professional, good investing came down to the following: 

People + Process = Performance

Christopher Briere has many years of experience as a successful investment advisor. He deploys a disciplined investment process as outlined in his binder. Investors looking for good long term, less volatile returns should get in touch with Christopher."


Peter Hill, B.E.Sc., M. E. Sc., P. Eng. - President and Director (Ret.), Standard Life Investments Inc.



  "I operate my own design firm, Ecentricbranding, which is more than a full time job. And since I prefer to focus my efforts on serving my clients, I need to rely on professional advice for my financial affairs. 

While I have retained the same trusted accountant for a long time, I have had a number of investment advisors over the years, and never really felt happy about the investment advice and service I was getting before moving my account to Christopher Brière.

I chose Christopher because he has a responsible attitude and provides straightforward explanations. He has been very clear and direct in all our dealings, and this has made me confident with his financial advice and investment recommendations. He is prompt and efficient, which simplifies things like paperwork. Finally, I am an earlier riser, and must admit I like the fact that he is usually at his desk by 7:30 in the morning!

My firm helped Christopher create his Guidebook, which is a good example of truth in advertising: The Guidebook's description of his approach and service have been mirrored in my personal experience with him.

Given all this, I have recommended Christopher to a family member, and am happy to recommend him again with this letter."


Charles Desjardins, Président, Ecentricbranding