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You work hard to earn a dollar. After income taxes, you're left with about 50 cents. Then you have to pay for your home, food, clothing and more. After all that, if you're a good saver, you may have a dime or so left to invest on every dollar you earn.

So you don't want to throw your savings away.

You want your savings invested prudently, guided by a sound financial plan, in line with your personal goals.

That's where we come in. As your investment advisor, our role is to make your portfolio work as hard as you did to earn and save that money in the first place. And we take a personalized approach to serving you – both as an individual and as an investor. This is very much in keeping with the Canaccord Genuity philosophy: No two clients alike, no two solutions the same.

The entrepreneurial nature of Canaccord Genuity also enables us to have a distinct identity for our practice – Brière Wealth Management Group – while retaining the full support of the firm and its deep resources.

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